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Tuesday, 10 January 2012

How to book a Tour

From the Music Managers foundation:

Taking place from 6pm on Monday 16th January at Under The Bridge in Fulham, this is one of s series of events the MMF have produced to engage with the live industry that many emerging managers want. The aim is to expose the (sometimes) conflicting needs of the participants in booking a successful tour from artist/manager/agent/promoter/tour personnel/transport provider etc. The aim is to be light-hearted but with an educational outcome.
The panel will consist of:
  • Jon Webster (Chair)
  • Adam Elfin (MMF Live Committee – manager and agent)
  • Alex Bruford (ex-artist/tour manager/ now agent at ATC Live)
  • Promoter TBA
  • Richard Young (Production manager Radiohead)
  • John Corr (Sound Moves, Global Freight Orchestration)
  • Adrian Whitmarsh (Premier Aviation – transport)
Date:  Monday January 16th
Time: 6pm arrival, 7pm panel discussion + Q and A, 8pm (approx.) networking
Venue: Under The Bridge, Stamford Bridge, Fulham Road,London,SW6 1HS
Underground: Fulham Broadway
Map: click here
RSVP to Admission is free for MMF and FAC members and is yet another benefit of belonging to our wonderful organisations.

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How to: Internet Marketing - Affiliates

There is much disagreement over affiliate marketing on the internet - the idea of advertising masquerading as content is a contentious one.  Many principled people balk at the idea of placing ads on their internet boards - and certainly for your main content - your "shop window" this isn't really such a great idea as it tends to give off a bad impression.  This is why, if you're going to go down the road of placing adverts on your blog you need to consider this quite carefully.

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Monday, 9 January 2012

Case Study: First Release: Raindance

Back in October my track "Raindance" was released through Red Robot Records.  At the time I was busy setting up a company and so was unable to dedicate time to self releasing. 

Red Robot had a good reputation and a solid backlog of  tracks on Beatport - and as it was unlikely that I'd be able to churn out the volume of tracks and sales that Beatport wanted in order to stay eligible from month to month, it made sense to go with a sturdy record label with a proven history.

The deal with the label was profit share - we each take a certain percentage each in return for them releasing and promoting the track to their mailing list.

Initial reviews have been good, although without a large budget to push the track marketing has been kept to a minimum.

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Monetise your music content: Mixeeba

Mixeeba are a music affiliate system that enables content providers to monetise content by linking to music download stores.  

As they describe below:

Mixeeba originally started life as a website for hosting DJ mixes. DJs uploaded their mix and entered the tracklist in a special format. We monetised the website by displaying the tracklist with an affiliate link to buy each track, making the tracklist interactive. We would search for each track from download stores likeBeatport, Juno Download, Traxsource and iTunes.Others on the web, however, were also tackling DJ mix hosting and websites likeMixcloud, Let's Mix and SoundCloud were, we thought, doing a better job than we were. We decided to focus solely on what we were doing well: finding where to buy the tracks being played. As such we're now able to help other music-related websites successfully monetise their own content.

This basically means that if you advertise DJ mixes or Tunes on your blog that in return for providing a link and promoting a product you receive a share of the sales.  The exact % of the sales return depends on which outlet you advertise. 

The Rates Mixeeba pay are detailed below:

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