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Monday, 9 January 2012

Monetise your music content: Mixeeba

Mixeeba are a music affiliate system that enables content providers to monetise content by linking to music download stores.  

As they describe below:

Mixeeba originally started life as a website for hosting DJ mixes. DJs uploaded their mix and entered the tracklist in a special format. We monetised the website by displaying the tracklist with an affiliate link to buy each track, making the tracklist interactive. We would search for each track from download stores likeBeatport, Juno Download, Traxsource and iTunes.Others on the web, however, were also tackling DJ mix hosting and websites likeMixcloud, Let's Mix and SoundCloud were, we thought, doing a better job than we were. We decided to focus solely on what we were doing well: finding where to buy the tracks being played. As such we're now able to help other music-related websites successfully monetise their own content.

This basically means that if you advertise DJ mixes or Tunes on your blog that in return for providing a link and promoting a product you receive a share of the sales.  The exact % of the sales return depends on which outlet you advertise. 

The Rates Mixeeba pay are detailed below:

Juno Records:  10%
iTunes: 4%
Amazon Download: 10%

On top of that Mixeeba take 20% of the commission and you keep 80%.

How it works:

It's really simple - you simply go to their Tracklist Link generator and input artist and track titles.  In return it gives you a block of html which you can post onto your content. The blog links look as follows:

Celebrity Murder Party - Raindance
Juno Download (Mp3/WAV) | Amazon (256kbps Mp3) | iTunes (256kbps AAC  

You can edit the links as appropriate to show as many of the stores as you wish.

Mixeeba serves Beatport, Juno Download, Amazon, iTunes, DJ Trax download, DJtunes, and 7 Digital.  In the example above, although the track is available on Beatport, it wasn't returned, which means no doubt they have to iron a few kinks out.

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