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Saturday, 7 May 2011

How to get your music onto Beatport

If you make dance music then the chances are you've heard of "Beatport". In their own words:  "Beatport is the recognized leader in electronic dance music downloads for DJs and club music enthusiasts."  Whilst certainly not the largest online audio store they are certainly the most recognised.  They certainly have the power to make careers - with progressive house producer Deadmau5 and Steve Duda amongst those whose careers have been launched through the site.

Beatport are renowned as having a strict policy in regard to their record labels.  In order to launch a deal with them you have to either be a recognised label and have some marketing muscle behind you.  They rarely deal with "vanity labels" - those labels set up just to deal with one artist - unless you are the kind of artist who can guarantee large volumes of sales.  In addition they monitor all sales - if you're sales dip below $500 per quarter then the chances are they'll cull you from their roster.

In order to actually get on Beatport in the first place you'll either need to be:

  1. An Established Artist with provable high volume sales
  2. A Record label with an established roster of Artists
  3. Signed to A record label or
  4. Accessing them via one of the distributors such as Tunecore.
In the case of 4.  Even THAT does not guarantee your access to Beatport.  Beatport can reject your music if it doesn't live up to their editorial standards.  But certainly if you're  interested in setting up your own label and want to take on the financial and time burden that comes in tandem then it's the way to go. 

Conversely Beatport's "Quality Control" actually works to your advantage.  That they are culling labels naturally reduced competition, whilst it reassures the public that they are not getting a situation like on myspace where they could spend hours wading through tracks that simply aren't any good.  From a marketing perspective this makes Beatport very attractive - the brand is a seal of "Quality". This also narrows it's marketing reach.

Distributors (who claim) to work with Beatport:

This is as a result of a cursory glance on google - we can't vouch for them, remember if you're signing up look for other artists who they claim to distribute before agreeing to hand over any money!

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beatport is really confusing. i don't understand why i can upload a simple mp3 to the site. i am actually going to not use beatport from here on out. sucks but i'll take my business somewhere else.

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