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Thursday, 5 May 2011

Soundcloud announce "Labs" - app functionality through Soundcloud

Earlier today Alex, founder of Soundcloud announced the arrival of Soundcloud Labs - a new site dedicated to applications based on the Soundcloud platform.

Launching SoundCloudLabs (phone message) by Alex

The announced applications so far include:

  • Social Unlock - a reciprocal social network application similar to whereby users can download a track for free in return for a mention on twitter or facebook.
  • Takes Questions - allows "fans" to interact with bands by recording questions which are then sent to the musician which they can reply to.
  • Soundcloud Importer - allows users to import an audio file from a private phone line or by email
  • Gmail plugin - embeds a soundcloud player in a gmail message
  • Gobbler - a bulk upload and tagging utility
Social network allows you to link directly to your soundcloud account and lets users download via a page.  you can see this in action (for a limited time - until Sunday 14th) here:

There are hundreds more apps that other developers have created including an ipad beatbox app by Gorillaz and Korg, Soundcloud desktop and a Tunecore distribution application.

The direct to distribution applications in particular appear to be very useful - linking in directly with many other outlets using Soundcloud as the base.

Youlicense is a licensing application which allows you to advertise on the youlicense database for inclusion in films, tv, video games, websites, corporate applications and so on.

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