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Monday, 2 May 2011

How to create a Facebook Fan page for your band using Root Music

As you probably are well aware, the ubiqutous facebook is currently the king of the social network – at least in the western hemisphere. It is increasingly being used as a method for connecting musicians and bands directly to the fans. But until recently it's basic graphical interface has meant that bands have very little control over it's appearance – and just exactly what can be embedded.

Root music attempts to solve that problem by providing a connecting interface between Facebook, Youtube and Soundcloud. This allows fans to view, interact, like, listen to your music and also to buy it through one simple web page.

They provide a basic free service which allows you to put a player and some basic interactive tools onto your facebook fan page, and a paid service where you have a greater degree of control over how the page looks. Monthly subscription starts at $1.99 per page per month.

The basic procedure is as follows:

1. Create a Facebook fan page

2. Create a Soundcloud or Youtube account to hold your music and videos

3. Upload music to your accounts

4. Create a Root music account

5. Link your Facebook fan page to your root music page.

6. Export your page

7. Go to the Rootmusic app page

8. Add the app to your Facebook Fan page

9. Edit the default landing page of your Fan Page to the “Rootmusic” app.

The following videos show you how to create your band facebook page and edit the content using Root music.

How to create a Facebook fan page for your Music

How to edit your Root Music Page:

Exporting to Facebook

How to edit the default landing page

Unfortunately the videos seem to be a little out of date, however after a good few minutes of searching i managed to find out the following information:
1.  Click on “Edit Page”
2.  On the “Wall tabs” section, change the default Landing Tab to “Bandpage”

And that's it.  Unfortunately when YOU view the site you will still see the old view - but when your fans land on the page they will automatically be taken to the rootmusic app page.

You can see the basic package on display here on our Celebrity Murder Party fan page:

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