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Tuesday, 29 November 2011


Kristin Hersch from throwing muses, George Howard, co-founder of tunecore and Peter Hinberger, manager of Dr John talk about making music from sync-ups - music licensing, why people feel they still  need a major label to make it big and whether it is actually possible to make money from sync-ups - that is music on TV or film.

Sync-ups seem to be the hot topic in music conferences - and the so-called saviour of independant musicians.  But there seems to be some doubt about how these work in practice, for example, some large TV networks now appear to be asking for unsigned musicians to send music in, but will not pay them for it's use - not even PRS royalties.  The excuse they give is "it's promotion for the artist".

When competition is so fierce and young, upcoming artists are happy to be exploited in this way - how can an artist survive?  Interested to know your thoughts below...

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