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Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Engineers with Attitude

Billie Ray Martin has been recording some new music in Berlin recently.  She tells all about the trials of tribulations of working with people passing themselves off as professionals in her new article on the Hospital Club website.

It was in the pursuit of this endeavour that I placed two ads on Craigslist Berlin to find a studio and/or sound engineer.
Hear my tale: I’m behind in my vocal recording schedule for various projects, so in addition to recording in my living room, I’m looking for an external studio. Most 'proper' recording studios have either closed or simply aren't worth the money in an era of home recording, where great results can be achieved using your own space and equipment. The ad copy sought a professional home recording set-up, complete with an experienced sound engineer....
She makes an important point about having the right attitude when working or collaborating with artists and how important it is to have a good engineer who can not only work the knobs, but also knows how to make an artist feel at ease with themselves - to get the best performance.

Read more of her article here:

By Jez with 2 comments


She makes the case for 'proper' recording studios, where audio interns fetching your lunch probably don't have a chance to create that vibe when the owner and studio manager are assholes to begin with. (Yes Bass Hit, I'm talking to you ... fuckers.)

True, a lot of it does filter down from who's the big boss and what the vibe of the studio is - but i've worked in the same studio with 2 completely different engineers. One engineer spent most of the session have an ego off with the band and one where the engineer was relaxed and put the singer at ease.

Not hard to guess which got the best vocal performance.

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