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Thursday, 29 July 2010

Itchy Clips - Other avenues for artists

Recently Producer Sneak-thief and Stewart Walker have announced the creation of a new project - Itchy Clips.  Itchy clips is a web portal / community designed to sell Ableton Live files for aspiring remixers and DJ's.

- Background:

We want to create a community of artists for artists - you know, like session musicians who offer their services to other producers and performers. This means released and unreleased songs of all styles, from dance tracks to Mexican hip-hop to psych-rock, etc.

We welcome all styles of music, acoustic or electronic!
What's a Scratchpack?

It's a song in Session-mode with roughly 8 instruments and 4-8 scenes - free downloadable examples:

Stewart Walker: Trankeelo (Free Scratchpack download - Ableton Live 8 Format)

Sneak-Thief: Smitten (Free Scratchpack download - Ableton Live 8 Format)
You can even upload and sell your own Ableton sessions for other artists to remix or use in DJ sets by signing up to their service:

How to submit your Scratchpack

If you are a producer using Ableton Live this represents a great alternative way of generating income other than simply selling complete songs.

Each pack sells for 5 Euros and Artists get 60% of the sale price.    On licensing:
It's the standard end-user agreement that comes with most sample-packs. When a user buys samples, they're usually free to release any material they create with it, but not to resell the individual samples on their own.

Please take a look at our licensing agreement:

However, there's a twist!

If you want to remix a Scratchpack and resell it as a remix on ItchyClips, you split the profits 50/50 with the original Scratchpack creator. This is all detailed in our artist contract which we've had vetted by our legal team. The artist contract is available in Germ
So what are the advantages over sample libraries like the ones produced by Loopmasters:

Easy to use

ItchyClips is the first company to offer artists' songs in a flexible format Ableton Live files. When you go to other sample sites, you pay more for large sample libraries with many files - this has its place, of course; however, there are times when previewing 1000 kick drums is simply too time-consuming or not appropriate. Sometimes you want the inspiration of a sample pack that sounds great the moment you load it.

Remix & learn from great tracks

What ItchyClips is offering is a chance to see how other people produce arrange their songs - and an opportunity to learn more about production and also to be able to incorporate these personal elements into your own music, royalty-free.

Perform live

If you're a live performer/DJ, Scratchpacks are the next-level of DJ'ing. Products like Live & Serato/Ableton's The Bridge allow DJs & performers to drop Live tracks in a set and manipulate them much more than simply playing back stereo audio.
We're going to keep an eye on Itchy Clips, and other companies like them and keep you posted on how successful they are.

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